BIG30 – No Love Lyrics

BIG30 - No Love

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BIG30 – No Love Lyrics

My granny seen me Dior head to toe she said I’m sharpMy entourage trail me with .223’s and stolen cars, that’s they jobA nigga play a nigga gone get sparked, that’s on GodI’m super strapped at home I got Draco’s in my garageLil’ bitch thought I was sweet like I ain’t know she with a oppBaby girl, this yo’ life you playin’ with, ho don’t get shotTwo choppas by myself in this stolo, I’m slidin’ hotNew opp bitch from the Nawf got super top, a super thotBig Fox 13 Gang, we known to put shit on that channelHeard he a loose screw but we fixin’ shit with them hammersBitch we want all smoke, we quick to pull up, where’s Ana?We no hospital gang the same day they hand out candlesI just stopped in the hood just to get chopped, throw on my jewelryI’m off these Percs, I’m full of drank, I can’t stay out these mirrorsOn point can’t go for nun gotta make it home to my childrenGet caught with or without I rather go sit and face a juryBlrrrd, I rather go sit and face a judgeTwo-thousand for each teeth, come here lil’ ho look how I slugLil’ bitch was lame as fuck say she got a passion for thugsHo I just wanna fuck ’til I come down from off these drugs, bitch‘Til I come down from off these PercsGone kill you from the backAnd hold you down until you squirtI might fuck you good then clean you upThen drop you off at workThen I’m back off to the blockTo move these pounds, get off this merchMove these pounds and move the gasYou in my town, you need a passAin’t no nice shit where I’m fromYou come through here we on yo’ assOne rapper paid in cashOne rapper got his shit snatchedAin’t no love in Memphganistan, bitch, welcome to IraqYou say, “No cap”, but we say, “Facts”You say, “Slime”, but we say, “Splatt”You say, “Gang”, but I say, “Set”I’m from Millbranch and WillettI’m from King Gate and Bent TreeAin’t no nigga did none’ to meI’m 5’9 but I’m ten feetI’m twenty, this Glock .23, blrrrdSaid I’m twenty, this Glock .23No nigga played with meThese Niggas keep gettin’ played to sleep
Niggas keep gettin’ played to sleepNo nigga played with methese niggas keep gettin’ played to-Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd