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DaBaby – BLANK Lyrics

That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my babyUh, yeah, that mo’fucker sound like a mo’fuckin’Uh, alarm clock or some shit, you knowIt’s alertin’ you bitch ass niggas that, that I’m the mo’fuckin’ best, yeahThe prettiest chocolate nigga alive, yeah, all that (Firzt on the track)(That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby)
I ain’t trippin’ off another nigga, I’ll be straight (Huh)Ain’t even got a chance to eat (Eat)I seen you lookin’ at my plate (Ayy)You know the bitches treat me great (Great)They suck my dick and feed me grapes (Grapes)I’m on my way to get a bag (Ah)I’m fuckin’ up, I’m runnin’ late (Turn up)
Can’t let these niggas slow me downFuck waitin’ on the label, had to drop a tape (Hey)I used to trip ’bout bitches fuckin’ offBut I been fuckin’ off so I been straight (Yeah)You saving hoes, we need to make a movie ’bout youWear your motherfuckin’ cape (Ha, ha)I tell your ho, “We’ll make a movie”But we’re probably never goin’ on a date (Ayy, ah)
I’m motivated by the money, money motivate meI always got my mind on it (Mind)I went to jail because I tried to catch a flightAnd I forgot I had the iron on me (Yeah)I get the shit so cheap you think I drop a ticketBut really threw a extra five on it (Five)And everything a nigga drop be going crazySounding like I took my time on it
Threw a bag on the table, he thought it was ten poundsBut I really put nine on it (Ah)And half of them bitches was fake weedWhen he open them up, he gon’ hate me (Ha)I don’t gotta rape bitches, they rape meBeat a rap nigga up like I’m APThrow that rock in the air like I’m Jay-ZGot a Glock on me, now, and I still’ll do it
You can’t name five niggas in the rap gameThat can come out with realer musicStanding on anything that I ever said all aloneAnd I still approve itYou know I shot your homeboyFucked your main bitch, robbed your partner, I did thatAnd still get ya stepped onThe most slept on in the game, don’t forget that, bitch
I ain’t trippin’ off another nigga, I’ll be straight(Tell these niggas to quit fuckin’ playin’ with me)Ain’t even got a chance to eatI seen you lookin’ at my plate(And I’m the mo’fuckin’ prettiest chocolate nigga alive)You know the bitches treat me greatThey suck my dick and feed me grapesI’m on my way to get a bag (What the fuck they gon do with me?)I’m fuckin’ up, I’m runnin’ late (Hey, ah)
I just told my bitch that she gotta learnTo be nice to my side bitchYou gotta quit trippin’ and callin’ me private (Hey)‘Cause all of my other lil’ bitches don’t like it (Brrt)You know I’m a dog, babe, you know that I’m triflingBeen like this forever and you know you used to like itThat boom on my side and ya I call it my sidekick (Boom)I whip out and shoot it, just do it like Nike
I pull out and swing that bitch ride on the crowdLike a ceiling fan (Yeah)Yeah, we took the pounds from the middle man (Yeah)I got plenty of haters, got plenty fans (Yeah)But a hater gon’ hate, we don’t give a damn (Ahh)Got my bitch making oodles o’ noodles (Hah)I pulled up with that tool in an Uber (Hah, Hah)I’m in the pool with a cougar (Yeah)They only cool on computers (Turn up)
They told me I look better in real life (Okay)I don’t care what a fuck nigga feel like (Yeah)I just went out to lunch with your bih tonight (Bitch)Had her back to the crib before midnight (Hah)I think I got more hoes than I realizeI went, iced my Rollie, that’s real iceAll in front of her friends and her momma (Hah)I still grab on her ass ’cause it feel niceAn’- bitch
I ain’t trippin’ off another nigga, I’ll be straight (Straight)Ain’t even got a chance to eat (Eat)I seen you lookin’ at my plate (Plate)You know the bitches treat me great (Great)They suck my dick and feed me grapes (Grapes)I’m on my way to get a bag (Ahhh)I’m fuckin’ up, I’m runnin’ lateBitch
And I’m the mo’fuckin’ best rapper, manYou know, the best rapperThe mo’fuckin’ real rock-starterThe prettiest chocolate nigga aliveBest rapperI’m outThat ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby

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