How to Earn 1000 naira daily in Nigeria Online & Offline 2022 – Step by Step

How to Earn 1000 naira daily in Nigeria Online & Offline 2022 - Step by Step - Untapped business in Nigeria - OFFLINE business Ideas

Do you know, No man will never reveal his secret to fortune? don’t be scared by that if you believe in yourself. Our country “Nigeria” keeps struggling to feed it’s citizens, and demands have not being carried out successfully to satisfy the people.

Note: “This article is not about the government, and i’m not opposing their actions”.


There’s no need of complaining about unemployment when you can create a 6 figures Job. If you landed here because you want to get tips on how to Earn 1000 naira daily. Then, this untapped business in Nigeria guide is for you.

What does it take to Make money. I would say Strategy, Intelligence and patience, If you can’t apply this 3 listed keys above, it is sure and certain one would fail.

In order not to fail and attempt to fail Consistency will help you out, Let’s dive into the gist.

How Can i earn 1000 naira daily in Nigeria (2022)

This article will talk on 2 categories of making money, Which is the offline and Online methods to earn your first 1000 Naira as a student, Nursing mother or an individual.

5 Untapped business in Nigeria – OFFLINE business Ideas

List of Untapped business in Nigeria and ideas:

1. Car Wash: The car wash business is very lucrative as most car owners don’t have the time to wash their cars by themselves. Some of them might not also have gatemen at home to help them out.

With a little more capital, you can start a car wash that appeals to upwardly mobile individuals by setting up a sitting area decorated with a TV set where your customers will sit while their cars are being washed.

You can earn 1000 naira daily and make it a multiple income stream business if you have space by adding the sale of drinks, shawarma, etc at the sitting area, Car wash is an untapped business in Nigeria.

2. P.O.S Business: The Point of Sales (POS) business began to spread in Nigeria in 2013 after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced the agent banking system in 2013. This opened up a new portal for financial services to reach bank customers in remote, unbanked, and underbanked societies.

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This means that POS businesses serve as a way to extend the services offered by financial institutions to relatively unreached parts of society.

It requires low capital to start Unlike most other businesses, the POS business does not require large sums of money in order to start. A minimum balance of N50,000 is adequate to begin the business.

The cost of starting is also reduced by the fact that you do not need a fancy shop to host the business. Many of such businesses in Nigeria are simply a table and chair placed in a strategic location or a wooden shed.

Tip: In locations like Lagos state, Nigeria. when your customers withdraw 5000 naira, You charge 100 naira or more. In a day, Try to drive 10 or more peope to earn 1000 naira daily.

3. Cooking Gas: Gone are the days of Kerosene. A lot of households in Nigeria now cook with a gas cooker and because of this, the demand for gas has skyrocketed.

This business requires little capital, all you’d need is a shop, gas cylinders (you can start with one or two), and some basic materials such as scale, hose.

As gas price keeps increasing daily, It’s for sure to earn 1000 naira daily and more in a good location.

4. Sachet Water (Pure water) Business: Pure water business in Nigeria is very profitable but requires good amount of money. If you wish to invest in this business, I can assure you of the profit provided you do your home work very well which includes properly setting up of your business and applying good marketing strategy.

To emphasize the fact that the business of pure water is profitable, notable organisations such as Nigerian Bottling Company, Nestle, May and Baker, etc. are in the drinking water business, though in the more refined drinking water (table water).

For those with small business plan, You can become a retailer and earn 1000 naira daily or more.

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5. Recharge Card: Recharge card business in Nigeria is very lucrative. It is a business you can start anywhere without fear of low patronage, as long as there are people where you are and there is GSM network. This is one of the best untapped business in Nigeria.

This market is still growing and will never stop growing as long as telecommunications and mobile phones is still in existence. If you are thinking of making good money from your little capital, or making money through an online business in Nigeria, then you need to start up a recharge card business.

How to make money with my phone in Nigeria – best Online business that pays in Nigeria

How to make money with my phone in Nigeria – best Online business that pays in Nigeria, Read through:

1. Graphics Design: It is also no longer news that basic skills like Writing online, Photo/Video editing and Graphics Designing are keeping some young Nigerians in school and helping others pay their bills and survive in this economy.

skills like graphics designing has some learning curve attached to it but it’s also something you can start within a few hours.

Unlike most other online skills, you don’t need any heavily paid professional training to get started as a graphics designer.

With your basic skills and gadgets, you can start out as a graphics designer and earn 1000 naira daily or more to support yourself.

2. Sell your product or become an Affiliate: Affiliate marketing is really just a quick way to offer products and services without having to create your own products and services. It is really a quick way to earn 1000 naira daily.

3. Sell Recharge card Online and earn 1000 daily: All you have to do is buy recharge Card from wholesaler and sell them to online company via their Website from your home with your Internet enabled phone or computer, and have money wired to your bank account. This is also one of the best untapped business in Nigeria.

For example, if the cheapest MTN of N100, in your area goes for N98, you may sell for N96.50kobo and beat the other dealers (your competitors). However, always remember that no matter the number of competitors in the recharge card business, you will still have your own cut of the market.

4. Food Delivery: To order food via online delivery, people need to have disposable income and access to the internet. That means you need to be in areas that are relatively affluent with high internet and smartphone usage.

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5. Own a Blog: Blogging as a business is a remunerative venture to start. While most people into blogging, do it as a for revenue generation.

starting a blog is not difficult but staying through to build a successful blog will require your time and effort.

you will have to be willing to go through these steps and patiently put in your best foot out as your blog becomes a turn around success. Starting up a blog will cost you nothing less than 5000 naira with Nigerian hosting and for foreign hosting like Bluehost, It is likely to spend more. Join Bluehost


Remember, with the above listed steps, you can build yourself and become successful (Consistency is truely the key).

I hope you’ve found the best income stream to earn 1000 naira daily, If you find this article interesting and worthwhile, Share with your friends on other social media platforms.



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