Finesse2Tymes – Get Even Lyrics

Finesse2Tymes - Get Even

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Finesse2Tymes – Get Even Lyrics

(Damn, FlemDawg)
These bitches’ll put it on they own kids that they love you (For real), homie, don’t believe it (Nah)
Callin’ and askin’ for money and shit (Uh-uh) like I had it easy (Nah)
If I ever crossed you out and stopped fuckin’ with you, it was for a reason (A reason)
One thing about me, I never get mad (What you do?), I just get even (I got you)
Might fuck on your best friend (Bestie), fuck on your sister (Sister), then you record it (Record it)
You lyin’ to me and want me to believе it (Really?), you must think I’m Maury (Maury)
I’m fuckin’ the city up (I am), I’m fuckin’ the world up, havin’ an orgy (Fuck ‘еm, damn, FlemDawg)
And these niggas talkin’ like they want problems (Nah), but they really avoiding (On God)
I’m setting the record straight (Record straight)
I’m willing to demonstrate any day (Any way)
And I gotta say what I’m finna say (What I’m finna say)
I really came up off the interstate (That highway)
I got out of jail with no money (Nothing)
I went and found a snow bunny (A white ho)
I came up off the ho money (On God)
I got that hustle and flow money (Like DJay)
I jumped off the PJ with bags (Bags)
I loaded ’em into a Tahoe (A Tahoe)
I pulled off in a Lamborghini (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
That shit had me feeling like Ralo (Free Ralo)
She want me to play in her pussy (Uh-uh)
I’m finger fuckin’ this paper (This paper)
These bitches’ll talk bad ’bout you, then wanna fuck you, so I’m fuckin’ a hater
Ayy, ooh, I came up (Ooh, I came up)
Ooh, I came up, ooh, that man up (That man up)
Red bottom, red ‘Venchy, nigga, red flag, I’m flamed up (Red flag, I’m flamed up, damn, FlemDawg)
When I went fed, I came back home and changed my name up (And now what they call you?)
Finesse2Federal, Fed 4 Real, I’m fuckin’ the game up (Been fuckin’ my name up)
My bitch yellow, drank yellow (Yeah)
Kush make me think better (Uh)
Percs make me fuck better (Ooh)
I’m flirtin’ with the bank teller (Ayy)
I look like a motherfuckin’ ki’ (A ki’)
I look like a motherfuckin’ load (Load)
And shawty wanna fuck with a G (A G)
I’ma beat the pussy ’til it’s swole
I’ma eat the pussy like I’m drunk (I’m drunk)
Nine grams crammed in a blunt (A blunt)
Pull up to the show with the pump (With the pump)
Fuck the back, I’m going through the front (Front)
Get the backend, do the show (Show)
Find me a freak, then I bounce (I’m out, damn, FlemDawg)
Fuck the bitch until she go to sleep (Sleep)
Wake her up and put the bitch out, get out (Go that way)
You know what I’m sayin’? It’s a whole lot of mobs over the world, right?
But I’m talkin’ ’bout mob ties, nigga
H-Town, I’m here
Bitch, I’m here to stay
Yeah, yeah