Kiddanawti – Raba

Kiddanawti - Raba

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New music alert from Kiddanawti – Raba audio, mp3, lyrics

Talented Nigerian female rapper Kiddanawti surprised fans with another mind blowing track. She tagged this “Raba”.

This is an amazing masterpiece from kiddanawti, worth adding to your music playlist.


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Kiddanawti – Raba Lyrics

Aje aje aje…No be today
Aje aje… chao!No be just dream
Na the koko be the RabaMalo ever dawole nkan ti o le Daba
We sleeping on the street, ko si Eni Ta ma saba, positive vibes only
Mi no wan soberHeading to the top I no fit quit o my brother
Mama always show me how to love one anotherMany many critics I Dey get mi bother
Leaving my best lifeI Dey step down with soda
Yah.. ah!Mi no send nobody
If you ever see me no go try to gum bodyHave added more flesh
Ni sin mo ti yodiMi fresh from head to doe
Call me the shawtyNot stagnant,
Have gotta be on the move make you Vibe to the groove
Yeh see I’m vibrantYou already know no dulling
Mo ma se anybody le seI Dey grind…
Make money deyGbogbo o jo la n la ka ka
No holiday makeAnything wey dem like
Make them say…Bo pe bo ya we go see happy day
Ma lo mu ori waEverything mi grind mi no surrender
Orishirishi ara ni ma daMi o ki se Eni ti o le fi yan ga
Ma lo mo ri waEveryday me grind mi no surrenderOrishirishi ara ni ma da
Mi o kin se Eni ti o le fi yan gaSay say…See I have got a different style
From the ones that you hearDifferent vibe from the one that you Feel
Different swags from the one that You seeDifferent juice from the one that you Drink
Won shomiE mi lo mo ton so ni sinWon gbomi
I Dey rap and singKo si Eni to n komiI se Orin ti mo n seIyen lo ri ranmi
Come learn come learnImma teach you how to do it
If you ain’t talking money I suggest That you screw itYou already know me bad no time to Dey prove it
This is the vibe and I know that you Feel itTi a si ko mi bade
Ara ye a de mi LadeWe don tey for the game
Ojo ti pe no be todayKadara mi yato si ti bother tada
Music na my callingI no fit stop am laye
I Dey grindMake money dey
Gbogbo ojo la n lakakaNo holidayAnything wey dem like make dem say
Bo pe bo ya we go see happy dayMa lo moriwa oEverything mi grind mi no surrender O
Orishirishi ara ni ma da oMi o kin se Eni ti o le fi yan ga o
Ma lo mori waEveryday mi grind mi no surrenderOrishirishi ara ni ma da
Mi o kin se Eni ti o le fi yanga oGbogbo o jo la n lakaka no holidayDe de…