Lyrics Of Badman By ThundaMan X Harmonize(English Translation)

Lyrics Of Badman By ThundaMan X Harmonize(English Translation)

Lyrics Of Badman By ThundaMan X Harmonize(English Translation)

Lyrics of badman by Thundaman x Harmonize Mp3 Download & Audio

Highly gifted Tanzanian musical artist, Tundamanfinds his way into the music stage withy an impressive hit single dubbed “Badman.”

In this song, he collaborated with a multi-talented Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist and music entrepreneur, Harmonize to deliver this track.

In addition, this is an excellent  smash single that you wouldn’t like to overlook for anything at all.

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Badman Thundaman Lyrics

I am not a man of swords Nor is he an ax man But I have an evil spirit until the witches are afraid To me the best wife is found in the bush Do not do evil until the devil is afraid Nisha eats a lot of rats without using toxins I have used the basin to carry the responsibilities Your partner beating my boss is not a difficult task The 2-year-old is attracted to me I mean I’m scared like a thief’s noise If you are planning to cast a spell on me, know that you are spitting cheese At the crocodile pool I dive And when I die I leave no gap I leave gum

No, I am not My children are a bad person No, I’m not My children are a bad person (Khoo khooo khoo khooo khoo) Even if you go to a doctor, The name lang will answer you when I am buried You are not a wandering mother, then remember me and mine, we eat what will be cooked The paths I have passed are unparalleled Your partner I have passed to the needle hole Aim to fulfill a dream and not a competition And then I light a fire and I have no example I have no problem with those who planned to get rid of me I greet you who have said six penitents On the street the drums are so hot they are empty Again very sniffing with smoke and coughing (khooo) Mi nikioo look at yourself If you can do what I do let’s do it Either die and live for years And if you pretend you know I don’t want you to see me Elephant traits always say goodbye Although he has heavy secrets of haristote lokole That is, if you sell it too much he will give you a finger Laughing loudly with a smile No, I am not That is, they have rotted and I am confused My children are a bad person If you provoke me, you will be refreshed No, I am not Hey eeh hey ehh hey eeh hey eeh eeeh eeh My children are a bad person Hey eeh hey eeh hey eeeh (khoooo) Army Fellow chicken kafala is not a staple I eat and drink (No, I do not know you) I am not afraid of my fellow man God is prostrate (I’m a bad person) Demu you see a star when you sleep you dream of him We do not call it galagaza The day you pick him up you see him spinning You photograph him and you distribute him F *** k

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