Mobb Deep “Shook Ones pt.ll” Remix by Dax Lyrics

Mobb Deep “Shook Ones pt.ll” Remix by Dax

Mobb Deep “Shook Ones pt.ll” Remix by Dax audio mp3

Highly talented music artist, Dax has unleashed a new striking tune titled“Mobb Deeb “Shook Ones Pt. ll” Remix”

Finally, this is an awesome tune from the talented artist and we are positive you’re going to enjoy the track.

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Mobb Deep “Shook Ones pt.ll” Remix by Dax Lyrics

Never been one for the fame it doesn’t satisfy
My wicked thoughts pen verses that are classified
90% of what you hear for me is watered down thoughts of my own because the real need alibis
And not one of you would save me if i get a case
Your validation ain’t gon pay or keep my family straight
So i don’t care about your politics or deep state
Just be glad my music doesn’t boost your cities murder rate
I’m ground breaking but was never shaken
The path i paved exists without mainstream validation
The main ones who stream my music don’t live comment sections wherе narrative is concentrated
On what i’m making or thе lifestyle that i’m portraying that i can’t afford and would probably lead to tax evasion
So when you see me rocking vans and the same jeans and expect more close your eyes and just use your imagination
Don’t live vicariously through me
I shop at walmart, target and the jeans from zumiez
The role-i-model isn’t one you gotta follow i am not an advocate for turning life into a movie
I’m a real person
And i don’t make my fucking music for the circus
Or the sheep who are pussy not assertive
My intro-versions climax when they grab my book try to read it and do it a disservice
This a new chapter
This is 5 years later from rookie into a master
Advancement in my vernacular
Bleeds truth, sucks in the fake right out of ya nobody does it better and yes i count dracula
Smacking ya with the hand of god my word flips religiously turn cheeks and improve your cardiovascular cuz niggas gotta run my tracks back a mile
4 minutes the minimum unless you’re roger bannister
I wonder when they going to let the real back
Rhyme.and.poetry definition of real r.a.p
Storytelling the whole nine i mean that so many lines the content would make a fiend crack
Overdose, then lean back
To b major ya have to c flat
Scale your rhymes before the schemes crash
I’ll never minor cuz i’ve seen cash
They (mer)cedes mad cheap i benz ridin a e class
Out in canada in the mountains with a ski mask with more snow bunnies than vince carter in knee pads
And these people don’t see that i’m bringing more hits than muhammad ali on a speed bag
Blow out both ya knee caps ya
Physical therapies needed when dax kicking this ice cold
Or heat pads will have to be applied where your feet at
You getting stiff off the realness
You needa stretch
Societies obsess everything right-left
Saying dax ain’t nice is politically incorrect
I’m judicial
Too official to play second fiddle
They kamikaze your content
Suicidal their bomb threats wage war divine winds blow concepts
I see {the vision they tri-and-angle division} keep ya circle small
They’ll {wrreck-and-tangle ya prism}
Off of copyright and call it infringement
Then 360 you into a-cute to play ya position
And that’s the definition of being in
Music business
I’m a warrior
Straight descendant
Imperial regimes
Is what i studied bend to this
Time from a warped romanesque-collective where they rule, conquer, and con-descendants
They’re condescending
I’m hard but i’m hardly mentioned
In a period that got no sentence
So when the pair-graphs with my life ascension
My peaks get labeled as total vengeance
My pen is endless
And not to mention i’m demented watch how the beats molested chopped and screwed into perfect sections
Then reflected back in fucked direction of society that lacks connections
Sms my texts a threat to bill address these bars collect your in(t)ner-nets and web schemes that o-ppress on buttons that free-domes like it’s malcolm x
I’m not civil-i-write (rights)
For the people i fight
I go hard cause these songs could be saving life
Every night
Every time
I speak my mind
There’s a chance i stop someone from dying
And stop someone from crying
Or committing a crime
Whenever they’re outta place
I’m helping them realign
Find someone they can confide in
Speak words that motivate
And get them back on the grind
And shine lifes divine
Why waste time inside ya mind
Climb to heights that so high you might have to fly
Its dax


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