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SleazyWorld Go - India Me

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New music alert from SleazyWorld Go – India Me lyrics, audio mp3

Top Hitmaker SleazyWorld Go drops a brand new tune titled, “India Me”.

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India Me Lyrics by SleazyWorld Go

Turn me up
This a love song for the streets though
I ain’t no Lil Durk or nothin’ like that but
But I’m singin’ on this bitch
I want an India
He got him a real bitch
It be hard as fuck to find somethin’ real out here
These hoes be talking ’bout they want a Durk
Shit, I want an India
You hoes ain’t doin’ what she doin’
You hoes ain’t stickin’ by your nigga side
Like she stickin’ by her nigga side
That’s all I’m sayin’
I, I just wanna write this song for that though
(Hey, Mickwreacker, you killed this motherfucker, man)

I want an India like Durk got
But these hoes don’t act right
You must want me come fuck you off them Percs tonight, huh?
Oh, ooh-woah, oh, oh, woah-woah
I ain’t thinking ’bout these hoes, I’m tryna chase a million
Pussy cool but I get harder if I touch a billion
I just wanna make enough so I can feed my children (Children, children, mm, mm)
Gotta watch these hoes nowadays
They be tryna steal kids
Puttin’ hot sauce on all my condoms just like Drake did
These bitches grimey, partners too
It hurt my soul to kill my brother but it’s somethin’ I gotta do
He ain’t movin’ right, niggas start actin’ funny
Heard you was tryna set me up, offerin’ hoes money
Ain’t it crazy how your own man can turn enemy?
I was shakin’ hands with niggas whole time envy me (Damn)
India me, India me
India me, India me (India me)
India, oh
I need me an India (Oh-oh, India)
India me, India me (India me)
India me (India me)
I need me an India, please, uh
India me, oh, oh
If you ain’t blowin’ when they come, can’t make you my bitch
Want a bitch that shoot for me, she gon’ pick up my stick when they come
When they come for me, oh
I want a bitch who gon’ do what India did for Lil Durk
I’ma propose to her too at one of my concerts
I’ma get down on one knee, I’ma propose to you
You my queen now
How you expect a nigga to trust you? You don’t even trust yourself
You want your titties done, huh? You don’t even love yourself
You lettin’ any nigga touch you, you don’t even touch yourself
You ain’t no queen, bitch
How you expect a nigga to wife you when you ran through?
We all grown, I ain’t judgin’, but you fucked my man too
You look good, you got potential, what I’ma do with you?
Be honest (What I’ma do with you?)
India me (India me), India me (India)
India me (India), India me (India)
India, oh
I need me an India, oh, oh (India)
India me (India), India me (India)
India me (India)
Mm, just India me (India)
I need me an India, please, oh (India)
India me, oh, oh
India me
India me
India me