Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Release The Sound Lyrics

Tasha Cobbs Leonard - Release The Sound

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American Christian/Gospel Artiste Tasha Cobbs Leonard Released a New Single Titled “Release The Sound (Intro)”,

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The bible tells a story of the children of IsraelFor seven days they marched around the wallSilent, he he yeahAnd on the seventh dayThere was an instruction for them to shout
And at the roar of their shoutThe wall came tumbling downI’m talking to some peopleYou’ve been on mute, you’ve been silentYou’ve been holding your peace, you’ve been quietBut I came to declare to you propheticallyThat God has given you instruction to open up your mouthAnd shout until the walls come down
I dare you right where you areTo lift up your voice like a trumpetAnd begin to shout until demons start crawlingI dare you to open up your mouthAnd begin to shout until walls start fallin’Somebody shout
I don’t know if you got a neighbor where you areBut if you do look at your neighborAnd tell him release the soundI know it sounds like a clichéBut release means to let something goIf you’ve been holding on to your sound
If you’ve been keeping your sound back and this seasonHas caused you to shut up your praiseI command you to release the soundLet’s go

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