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New Music Alart The Hate Lyrics By MI Lyrics,Audio Mp3

“Incredible Music honcho MI Abaga unveils brand new titled “The Hate”.

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MI – The Hate Lyrics

What’s up with all the hate thoWhat’s up with all the hate tho‘Cause all I done for you niggas is make roadsWhat’s up with all the hate thoWar-time I’m ready nigga KratosWhat’s up with all the hate thoWhat’s up with all the hate tho, ma nigga
You don’t respect your elders anymoreAlright, it’s okay broBut you should bow down when you talk to meThe bought my shit down in sowetoI’m a god, I’m a king, I’m a Pharoah (Yes)Been a leader since I was a day oldWhen I talk you should pay close attention‘Cause of why?, ’cause I say so
What’s up with all the hate thoI pun the philosophy from platoFrom now y’all anonymous to me una dey break codeMe, I been blessed by mai cheto
Flows been decent, not just recentBoss since y’all was in nurseryI turned forty last year but I been a legendSince way back when I was like fu- thirtiesThink about itWhen you see me, you show courtesy‘Cause I show you thirsty niggas mercyI heard this one nigga say that he would mock me
Make me a legend for eternity, na nigga you rebirth meAnd you’re not even worthyI get sick when I talk about it, allergicMy brother’s the emperor and you’re not even the sergeantI made away for you to eat, I was determinedOhhhh, I got a sermonI made the rap game better for niggas like you thenHelped you specifically nigga I earned this
And that’s why anytime they call me verminI get so angry, mehn I’m burning cos I’m a lionAin’t funny that’s my fucking nameJukun man from Taraba here to change the gameSince they heard my lines anytime niggas drownCall themselves the best it’s I hearDoesn’t hit the same
How far will all the hate broI’m war ready, I’m soldier boy, I’m drakoI’ma run through paper, I’ma stapleSlow niggas can’t win here, that’s a fableYou’re looking at the general in plain clothsYou stop faking then we make snowYoung blood I’m at the big man tableSitting there with my nigga Naeto (Yes boss)
Strategizing how to free the peopleMaking chips without peeling the potatoesNigga can’t catch up if I give them all tomatoesFuck with me and end up in the deep hole (l-l-l-louda)That’s on finito, finalNew album out on vinylChopsticks on the beat, feel it in your spinalsChanged my name from MI Abaga, I’m THE GUY now
What’sup with all the hate thoYou’re talking to a legend- in the fleshShow some respect“Do you understand?Ehn, do you understand me my brother?Levels dey for this shit ohCalm downLevels dey no dey worry yourselfOk-ok-ok, hear this one now, hear am